dotCMS Latest SaaS Solution Empowers Digital Businesses to Manage their Content Better

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: With the exponential growth in content and content delivery channels, Content Management System remains strong in its presence that promise convenience, great cost saving and productivity in the marketing-centric and digital strategy focused fields. To cater the thriving needs of digital economy, dotCMS announces dotCMS Enterprise Cloud -a private, secure and fully customizable cloud-based platform that delivers speed, flexible deployments of content driven applications while eliminating the additional charges for system integration which is limiting the growth in Digital Business.

dotCMS Enterprise Cloud that is fully customizable SaaS-based content management system and digital experience platform that deploys content-driven web applications, portals, intranet and extranet with unprecedented speed and agility. It volunteers as a single or multi instance high availability publishing environment delivering massively scalable and unifying digital experience solutions for the organizations that meet the IT technical and budget requirements.

Built on Amazon Web Services, dotCMS Enterprise Cloud cuts out the incremental or per unit charges associated with adding users, editors, sites, apps, plug-ins, integrations that are build in the system. The SaaS offering fulfills the modern brands desires of flexibility and reliability, speedy deployments, lots of up time, updates, backups, vendors on hand to handle issues and so on.

Today’s businesses expect ease of use and lower IT maintenance costs associated with SaaS offering. Now dotCMS Enterprise Cloud’s SaaS offering makes the product particularly appealing to resource constrained IT and marketing departments and to companies that are trying to grow their digital strategy rapidly, without constantly running into technical and financial constraints.

Companies leveraging dotCMS Enterprise Cloud will now have support, upgrades, cloud hosting, 24/7 monitoring and dramatically uptime guarantee and an open and industry standard platform for the developers. 

“Companies want to bring their systems and content together to drive efficiency and optimize results in digital business,” said Brigham, CEO, dotCMS. “We find customers are using our software at the core of their digital ecosystem because of its open development environment and because it’s easier to integrate with 3rd party systems. In each case, dotCMS is simultaneously powering content driven apps, sites, content repositories, intranet and extranet projects. It turns out that being able to build and brand, manage and maintain, an unlimited number of user experiences in a single platform is a high value in the marketplace. Now, with our SaaS offering we’ve eliminated the constraints business face when they want to grow their web operations in a software-as-a-service model.