Double Robotics Rolls Out Upgrades Intent on Developing Telecommuting

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: Double Robotics has released the Double 2, an upgrade to Double wheeled iPad with a face. The upgrade will be faster, sturdier and it also supports a new camera kit to expand its view.

The Double has two wheels at either end of a cylindrical base, with a metal tube extending upwards that ends in a plastic iPad cradle and moves at a moderate walking speed. The Double 2 has pretty much the same specifications, varying only in the speed department. It has a power drive mode, which enables the Double 2 to move 80 percent faster than the Double. It also has Lateral Stability control, which means, unlike the Double, the upgraded version would be able to maintain lateral stability while moving over obstacles like wires and bumps, due to the presence of a shock absorption mechanism built at its base.

The Double uses the iPads front and rear camera for vision and maneuvering. On the other hand the Double 2 comprises of a new camera kit which provides a 150 degree wide angle view. This increases the field of view by 70 percent. It also has an Always-on floor view which increases spatial awareness and the camera kit is also compatible in rear-view mode.

Double 2 will be looking to capitalize on the success of Double in the market as more companies are adopting this technology in order to enable telecommuting for its more reliable and remotely located employees.