Dow-Key Brings Forth a New Product Series for the RF Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

VENTURA, CA: With the aim to serve the RF and test industry, Dow-key raises curtains off a new product series called Reliant Switch, to offer a mix of electrical and mechanical performance over a broad frequency band with high isolation, low VSWR and insertion loss repeatability.

Reliant Switch is a 1x2 bidirectional coaxial switch with an operating frequency range from DC to 26.5 GHz for high speed testing. Designed with an isolation of 85 dB at 4GHz, it can sustain an insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across the entire band. It comes with latching actuators, optical position indicators, and SMA connectors to meet the needs of various measurement setups and configurations.

Dow-Key’s new product line operates with an input power ranging from 150W CW at 3GHz to a maximum of 2W CW for hot switching applications. With supply voltages of +12Vdc or +24Vdc, the Reliant Switch SPDT has a switching time of 15 ms. It can be controlled either by applying ground to close the port or through TTL logic.

Reliant Switch can be operated from -250C to +750C and can be stored between -550C to +850C. Moreover, it can be stored at 50,000ft without hampering its performance for antenna and radar purposes.