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DP Facilities Teams Up with VDI Solution to Deliver Simple and Seamless IT Infrastructure Procurement

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Leveraging innovative VDI solution will help organizations to meet their stringent, security-focused business requirements.

FREMONT, CA: DP Facilities, a leading provider of the mission-critical data center, custom design, colocation and build services, and disaster recovery remedies, and Tintri, a data storage firm working on developing in Intelligent Infrastructure solutions that are autonomous, architected for operational simplicity, teams up to offer integrated VDI solutions. Together, the companies are providing a purpose-built solution that mixes VDI-optimized storage with colocation services within DP Facilities’ highly secure and fully compliant data center. By providing these integrated services, the collaboration empowers federal and commercial customers to fully realize the potential of VDI, which is increased control, scale, cost-efficiency, and performance consistency for end-user computing (EUC).

While many organizations struggle to realize the above advantages of VDI using legacy infrastructure, Tintri’s Intelligent Infrastructure for VDI solutions platform overcomes these painpoints by offering storage designed specifically for virtualization – simplifying, automating, and scaling VDI environments easily. This platform allows teams to implement storage, remote user computing, and manage thousands of virtual desktops from one view. The VDI environment is streamlined by a highly autonomous Tintri system that harnesses advanced machine learning to offer real-time insights and analytics for ongoing success.

This VDI solution, currently offered within DP Facilities’ 65,000-square foot, state-of-the-art Mineral Gap data center complements DP Facilities’ colocation offering by enabling vital computing software to be easily acquired and used alongside secure, scalable, and resilient physical infrastructure. DP Facilities’ colocation services also empower customer IT compute requirements with the reduced cost of operations, reliable utility power, and up to 3MW of renewable energy from the adjacent solar farm scheduled for completion in 2020. To meet the strict security needs of even the most demanding verticals, the facility meets DCOI requirements and is tailored to meet the unique security-first requirements of DOD SAP/National Security agencies and contractors.