Driving Business through API integration

By CIOReview | Friday, April 11, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Integrating tools from different companies through APIs has seen a rise in IT world lately. The idea is to   attain greater business opportunities. But Ayo Omojola, co-founder of Hipmob believes the Return of Investment (ROI) is far lesser than expected, reports Forbes.

This integration of applications from different vendors proves beneficial only when the customer use both the company and its partner’s product. The idea of leveraging APIs to drive business is still unaccomplished.

For the integration of applications through APIs to be successful in monetary ways, Omojola suggests few key criteria to be taken into consideration that should work out well for not just the companies involved but the users as well.

The first consideration is to avoid copy/paste in the signup flow. Customer would appreciate flexibility in switching over to other applications without the need for password authentication, copying tokens and API keys. oAuth/SSO consideration would automatically create and integrate accounts for the user. Second consideration would be to enable the users to discover and integrate with other app from within the company’swebapp. The third consideration would be for companies to provide long term support to their partner’s product while enhancing the core product. Blogging before the release of the integration to learn use cases and afterwards to share customer experiences would be an added advantage.

The applications existing in the integrated environment should be conducive to each other in a way to bring out each other’s data inside the core user interface alongside providing easy switching capabilities between the two applications.

Omojola believes these implementations wouldn’t automatically make the partner’s app market to soar as the challenges have to diligently addressed. But with the implementation of these considerations, both the customer and the partners would find it viable to be dealing with the company.