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Driving Decision Making in Healthcare through Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 3, 2018

Healthcare today is increasingly focusing on a convenience-based model-driven data analysis with a shift in the balance of in-patient and out-patient revenue streams. These days the methods of treating a patient have extended from doctor-patient interactions to a more technology-based record sharing approach.

The design director of Gensler, Randy Guillot, opines that large healthcare groups are focusing on personalized care for the aging patient markets because of the shift in revenue generation toward outpatient care. Significant investments are being made on technology and wellness-based healthcare facilities owing to the requirement of patients for a more personal touch when it comes to medical records and telemedicine. The healthcare systems are being updated according to the patient needs.

With more specialized technologies, the architecture of healthcare facilities are mostly designed like corporate building these days. Rather than being a one shop stop for the cure of all diseases, these facilities focus on single specialties or disease treatments like cancer, cardio-vascular health, or orthopedics. What makes these health facilities successful is the communication levels among their staffs. With continuous interaction internally regarding the health condition of a particular patient, these facilities have taken healthcare to the next level. By collecting data about patients, the facilities can prognosticate further treatment requirements and can also address communities who need specific healthcare services. 

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