Driving the Success Journey with OpenStack
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Driving the Success Journey with OpenStack

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The shift towards virtualization has heralded a new era of cloud utilization, as enterprises gravitate toward the adoption of cross-platform, open source software for cloud computing such as OpenStack. The flexibility of OpenStack makes it easy for modern data centers to efficiently deploy a private or a public cloud environment. Having gained the distinction as one of the largest open source projects ever, OpenStack offers a cloud infrastructure to enable software-defined networking and storage for data centers. The benefits of deploying OpenStack as an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution, range from achieving operational efficiency to cost-savings in the long run as it can be easily integrated with various business systems. Some of the other benefits of using the OpenStack infrastructure are discussed below:

Cloud Orchestration for Reduced Costs

Cloud orchestration entails automated provisioning of infrastructure based on support for multi-tier and distributed applications. With a dedicated orchestration programme to steer the automation and orchestration of network resources, OpenStack has created a human and machine-accessible service to manage the whole lifecycle of infrastructure and applications within OpenStack clouds. In addition to offering developers and IT teams a quicker and efficient access to IT resources, OpenStack's orchestration and self-service tools substantially reduce the time spent on development and testing. These capabilities  enable enterprises to focus their efforts on business development rather than managing IT. One of the key aspect of the OpenStack Orchestration Programme—Heat—provides OpenStack users with an orchestration engine to help them automate the creation of cloud components such as networks, instances and storage devices. Equipped with an OpenStack-native REST API and a query API, Heat is compatible with applications such as Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Cloud Formation provisioning tool.

Formidable Security Fear of data loss often deters business owners from moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. OpenStack's robust ‘Security’ project takes care of all the security issues as it undertakes all the technical and governance functions with the OpenStack ecosystem. With numerous ongoing activities to enhance the security of the OpenStack cloud ecosystem, the OpenStack Security Project is maintained by a dedicated vulnerability management team responsible for fixing the loopholes in the OpenStack software. The illustrious list of large organizations who have opted for OpenStack-based cloud architecture include the likes of financial services firms such as Paypal, American Express and Wells Fargo.

Effortless Regulatory Compliance

OpenStack plays an instrumental role in the construction of on-premise clouds in a manner that helps  an enterprise's regulatory compliance initiatives. As the private cloud is built within the enterprise data center, businesses have better control over access privileges, security measures and policies. This also gives business owners the option of devising policies that can secure personal and financial data along with other confidential and regulated information.

A Multitude of Services

To accomplish a variety of tasks related to private, public and hybrid cloud, OpenStack users have access to numerous services such as Neutron, Nova, Heat, keystone, Designate, Searchlight, and more. The services help the users in accomplishing their cloud computing tasks. For instance, Neutron is a software-defined networking project with a focus on delivering networking-as-a-service (NaaS) in virtual compute environments. Having replaced the original networking API in OpenStack, Neutron addresses the lack of tenant control in multi-tenant environments to make it easier to deploy advanced networking services.

Absolute Development Support

With software vendors such as Red Hat, Mirantis and VMware adding extensive tools to the basic stack, OpenStack users are privy to a developer ecosystem that helps them develop and deploy better applications. Additionally, OpenStack cloud vendors offer numerous educational courses for the benefit of their users.

With support from major IT vendors, OpenStack continues to improve its overall functionalities and its tangible effects on business outcomes. To leverage the best cloud infrastructure, however, it is of great importance for organizations to decide on a particular open source approach or stack of capabilities before they zero in on the OpenStack solution

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