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Driving Value to Business through Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has reached a critical upturn point and will further increasingly augment and extend virtually every technology-enabled service or application.  From self-driven cars to Siri and Alexa, AI has a massive potential to disrupt the existing business paradigms for better results. According to the surveys it is estimated that 70 percent of the organizations will be adopting AI by 2020.

AI has given a distinctive competitive edge to all the industries to succeed in their digital transformation journey. With the help of AI, companies can improve the customer experience, augment employee performance, and automate work processes to eliminate repetitive business processes.

AI is all set to revolutionize various industries in ways that positively impact their growth and revenue. When it comes to the automobile sector, AI is shaping the high tech automated vehicle landscape of today and tomorrow. The latest development of driverless vehicles such as the Google car and Telsa has changed the face of automobile and transport industry. The potential benefits of driverless cars include increased safety, increased mobility, reduced mobility and infrastructure costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Further, AI has also extended its footprints in sports by developing a number of sports industry related applications, from chatbots to wearable tech and beyond.

AI has been dedicated to adding value to the business by integrating human behavior and intelligence with enhanced processes and refined data—all delivered through its lightning speed and self-learning power.

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