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Drones for Enterprises

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Drone use is moving beyond the traditional customer segments like military and individual hobbyists and being adopted by enterprise for commercial purpose. Now, drones are used across multiple business industries, including agriculture, internet services and more. Their uses range from spreading seeds in farming to aerial photography to delivering goods to consumers. As the commercial drone industry grows, it is providing new opportunities in terms of jobs, product optimization, and safety. Even though these are compelling use cases to highlight, drones primarily transport is data. How effectively information is captured and how efficiently that data is routed will determine the impact of drones for the enterprise.

The ability to capture pixels and data points on just a single flight of drones are amazing. Enterprises work to extract the value of that data by fumbling with SD cards and the manual process of uploading, downloading, pointing and clicking. Organizations across industries are investing in integrations to get data moving more seamlessly out of drones and into their systems. API (Application Programming Interface) integration to a drone can help save valuable hours of manual work, and increase speed and accuracy with how a user runs the drone program.

Ultimately, programmatic drone continues to reduce the number of manual steps required to get data off the drone and into the cloud for analysis. Also, it reduces the amount of human interaction to fly complex flight paths with serious onboard computations extended to its developer partners.

Apart from this, drones can be programmed to stay within a geo-fenced area. Algorithms are being designed for avoiding collision and software is being developed to facilitate coordination between drones and larger aircraft. Sensors, cameras, and data storage devices include other popular add-ons for drones. Also, spotlights can be mounted on drones for night-time search-and-rescue missions, and they can be equipped with retractable cords for delivering packages.

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