Drones: The Next Big Technological Rumble in Construction Industry
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Drones: The Next Big Technological Rumble in Construction Industry

By CIOReview | Monday, October 1, 2018

Construction has never been visibly progressive, but the industry is changing, riding the digital wave. Drones are now one of the numerous innovative technologies that are transforming the construction process. Businesses have fortified their infrastructure and have revamped their business operations utilizing advanced data analytics and images captured by drones.

By using drone technology, data can be collected via a drone in the air, and users can create 2D and 3D maps, collect altitude data, and gather volumetric measurements to support better planning and develop projects. This also helps keep projects on track when job site appears to be a risk to humans; drones can fly in and perform inspections, spending less time.

Yet another reason for the adoption of drones in construction space is the economic benefit. Surveying a large site with a drone helps provide nearly a 75 percent time and cost savings. Also, drones can be equipped with tools to perform common construction tasks such as taking photos and capturing video, functioning in spaces restricted for humans, and carrying coils of wire.

New technologies have given drones the ability to see through walls. They use Wi-Fi signals to penetrate the opaque material, to create maps of the unidentified objects behind it to create 3D models of an unknown area behind a wall. There are numerous applications for drone usage, and the construction industry is discovering more ways in which the technology can be used to reduce expenses, save time, and prevent safety hazards. Consequently, drones are enabling users to monitor and track construction progress, which was never possible before.

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