Dropbox's Integration with Adobe Supports PDF Editing for iOS Users

By CIOReview | Monday, November 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Dropbox, the file hosting service, has paved a new way for iOS users by granting them the mode to edit PDF files on the go.

The company’s partnership with Adobe, which includes its integration with Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud and Acrobat Reader, has led this new introduction. Earlier, users have to export a file and then open it on a PDFapp to make edits and changes, now with Dropbox’s new feature users can open a PDFfile in Dropbox and they can tap the Edit button to make edits to the document file easily.

“At Dropbox, our goal is to simplify the way people work together. They want to edit PDF files on-the-go, gather feedback from their team- even collect signatures for a contract- on any device. Partnering with Adobe helps our users work together,” says Dennis Woodside, Chief Operating Officer, Dropbox.

In addition, the integration between Dropbox and Adobe enable users to take additional actions on PDF files saved in their Dropbox Basic, Pro and Dropbox for Business accounts; it lets users collaborate files more easily and with the Adobe apps, users can easily annotate, highlight or add comments to the document. While, with Acrobat DC, people can complete tasks, like organizing pages or converting the documents to their original format.

Apart from this, Dropbox is also going to introduce this new enhanced feature for Android users in the near future.