DSI Launches New Series of DSI400 for Secure Storage

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ENGLEWOOD, CO: To make easy and secure storage of virtual tape library (VTL) for companies of all sizes, Dynamic Solutions International (DSI), provider of data storage solutions and comprehensive professional services, has unveiled the new series of DSI400.

Developed for customized data storage solution, the DSI400 series consists of five models, namelyDSI400- NEM, DSI400- BEM, DSI400- VEM, DSI400- MEM and DSI400- EVO.

The DSI400- NEM is designed specifically for IBM i systems users, which is an entry-level storage system with a maximum storage capacity of 2TB. It is ideal for organizations making the transition from physical to virtual tape systems. Like, DSI400- NEM, DSI400- BEM is also an entry-level storage system, and has the storage capacity of 4TB and suits users of IBM i and Unisys systems, while DSI400- VEM has the maximum capacity of 8TB. The fourth range of the series, DSI400- VEM is a mid-range storage system with a maximum capacity of 48TB and it includes disk-level encryption and a list of customizable options developed to enhance storage centers. However, DSI400- EVO is an enterprise storage system with a maximum storage capacity which grows into petabytes. It consists de-duplication and encryption. It is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for enterprise clients.

“Our goal was to create a superior VTL storage system with features designed to improve security, reliability and speed. We listen to our clients to determine what our next move will be; time and time again we heard the request for an entry-level storage system with all the security and automation of an enterprise solution, as well as the need for increased storage capacity for companies managing ever- increasing amounts of data. The DSI400 family of products is the answer to these requests,” says Jim Tarbell, President of Dynamic Solutions International.