DSSD D5 Introduced by EMC Corporation: Serves Flash Storage and Reduce Latency

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 3, 2016

FREMONT, CA: EMC Corporation a global storage solution provider has revealed its latest offering in flash storage, DSSD D5. DSSD D5 will be out for general public from March and is the beginner of Rack-Scale Flash a new category of flash storage. Built with fully modern architecture for both the data-intensive applications; traditional and next-generation, DSSD D5 works on its high-level performance and the lowest level latency.

Speed applications like genetic sequencing calculations, fraud detection, credit card authorization and advanced analytics up to 10X of the real world increases performance to a new level. EMC’s DSSD D5 will offer the industries with next generation architecture that are now restricted to traditional architecture. The current databases and data warehouse solutions will speed-up with DSSD D5 like Oracle, via a creative low-latency data path to result 3X lower latency. One-fifth rack space and 68percent lower TCO than the maximum published Oracle solution performance.

Gary Grider, High Performance Computing Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory commented, "We have been testing the DSSD D5 technology for several months with multiple workloads: file systems, NOSQL DBs and the DSSD direct API. The unique shared high bandwidth PCI connectivity, the low latency, and the very high read bandwidth achieved are impressive in such a small footprint."

DSSD D5 is capable to provide ultra-dense, high- performance and very low latency shared flash storage up to 48 linked servers. Leveraging PCIe Gen3 and NVMe technology; DSSD D5 is attached to each node, to provide the PCI-attached flash. Segregated from computing D5 is a standalone appliance which provides the shared storage perks resulting in lower latency next-generation performance up to 100microseconds, higher throughput up to 100 GB per second, and IOPs up to 10 Mn in a 5U system.

"EMC is bringing a hardened, tested platform to market, changing the face of flash as we know it and rounding out EMC's already-robust flash portfolio. DSSD is a blazing fast, high-performance solution and customers are in for a magnitude improvement in what's now possible for demanding applications in this new era of Rack-Scale Flash," said CJ Desai, Emerging Technologies Division President, EMC Corporation.

Data center footprint and the costs associated with ultra-dense, shared flash are minimized by DSSD D5. With 144TB RAW (100TB usable) capacity this appliance delivers up to 36 flash modules, in a five rack-unit chassis that can be approached by up to 48 direct-attached servers. Dual-ported client cards, dual H/A controllers, redundant components and industry-leading flash reliability and resiliency with Cubic RAID™, dynamic wear leveling, flash physics control and space-time garbage collection are the features of DSSD D5.