Duo Security Enhances Duo Platform Security Tool for Secure Network Access

By CIOReview | Monday, October 12, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Duo Security, pioneer in mobile two-step authentication expands its Duo Platform security tool to empower IT professionals with increased visibility, automated business operation , ability to set policies and better control over every device connected to the network, reports Ron Miller for TechCrunh.

It aims a shift from two-step authentication product to providing a secure platform with a mix of computing capabilities, on-premise software, cloud applications and mobile devices. It results in easy deployment and delivers complete security against phishing attacks and stolen end users passwords. For instance, if a device is running on outdated software, the administrator can come with policy to block access to network until it’s updated to latest software.

Duo Platform security tool offers IT administrators  easy and quick access to entire organizations network, identifies device at risk of being hacked or breached through a centralized display of the data in the Duo Platform Admin Panel. Additionally it meets security goals including, blocking of users or country where it does not have employees; prevent users from anonymous networks from accessing your engineering applications; Identify vulnerable mobile devices such as jailbroken iPhones or phones with older versions of Android OS; creates an inventory of all devices (Macs, PCs, smartphones, etc.) that are being used by the employees who have access to finance applications.