DVEO to Launch SPOTTER, a Targeted Dynamic Ad Insertion Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: DVEO, seller of digital video and HDTV to TV broadcast companies, is going to launch SPOTTER, a targeted dynamic ad insertion and delivery platform, at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2015, in Amsterdam. IBC is an annual trade show for participants in the broadcast industry which is annually held in September.

The SPOTTER creates multi criteria advertising platform that uses content and viewer information to make decisions about actual ads to be played on any viewer. It combines content type, consumer profile, and geolocation data by "mining" multiple databases in real time. Above that, the SPOTTER can trigger “ad starts” through any mechanism.

The SPOTTER works by transcoding content and inserting SCTE 35 signals with the metadata required for ad insertion. Input can be ASI, IP, or HD-SDI, the platform transcodes MPEG-2 to H.264, and converts HD-SDI content to IP or DVB-ASI.  Resultant DVB-ASI output is typically passed on to a modulator for transmitting through satellite. IP output can be passed to the network or to the cloud. DVEO’s "DOZER", a product that provides automated UDP (User Datagram Protocol) Packet Recovery Technology, can be added to the SPOTTER to achieve error-free real-time video delivery to MSO (Multiple System Operator), cable operator, Affiliate, or regional head ends.

When the SCTE 35 content type parameters are not available, the SPOTTER incorporates other techniques to identify the content type like analysis of program guide, closed captions, face/image and video recognition of the live video signals. The SPOTTER interprets SCTE 35 commands and can add advertisements via slices, overlays, crawl messages, alert bugs and video squeezes.

Furthermore, the SPOTTER serves content with user-targeted ads to set top boxes or mobile websites. When an HLS (HTTPS Live Streaming) capable device requests a stream to play, the SPOTTER analyzes all the details like the device type, location, and user profile, based on which, the right target stream is served to the viewer. The SPOTTER serves up to 250 simultaneous HLS streams.