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Dynam.AI and GBA Unites to Improve Detection of Infrastructure Defects

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

With the involvement of informative data and efficient approach, anomalies can be easily detected in infrastructures.

FREMONT, CA: Dynam.AI, an end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) solution provider for various business industries partnered with GBA, an innovative engineering and architecture service provider, to flag out infrastructural defects in bridges and roadways. GBA's Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) integrated with Dynam.AI's Auguste image monitoring and classification algorithm will enable the users to accurately and safely detect anomalies in structural conditions.

The foundation of Dynam.AI was built with the urge to solve existing challenges and focus on solutions tailored to project-specific needs. With the involvement of informative data and efficient approach, critical conditions can be solved easily.

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The collection of data to determine the severities of infrastructural deficiencies and locate the exact defects is the primary objective of decreasing the probability of future catastrophes. A study by American Road & Transportation Builders Association stated that the U.S. presently comprises more than 47000 structurally defective bridges. Traditionally, with the daunting statistics of developmental defects, authorities have to employ ground crews and extensive lane closures to facilitate within the limit of safety. Furthermore, the extended traffic control and the deployment of a functional body would increase the expenditure cost for the public companies as well as affect the logistical transport systems of various private enterprises.

However, with the introduction of GBS's UAS and infrared (IR) thermography, evaluation of overlaid bridge joints and concrete decks become increasingly efficient. Additionally, monitoring of robust streams of data and unmasking of structurally decayed areas can be achieved with Dynam.AI's Auguste detection and analysis algorithm. Furthermore, 85 percent accuracy achieved in association with decreasing operational cost makes the Dynam.AI a perfect addition to the competitive ecosystem. 3D models from the AI platform increases the detection of micro anomalies.

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Utilizing platform enabled solutions with integration of industrial AI, GBA is moving forward to set the innovative standard to the next level. Major structures like bridges, tunnels where the precision of every detail is of paramount importance can be maintained efficiently with GBA's extensive expertise.