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Dynamsoft Avails Dynamsoft Label Recognition Technology

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dynamsoft Label Recognition technology is ideal for extracting useful data from printed labels, VINs, inventory tags, ID Cards.

FREMONT, CA: Dynamsoft avails a software development kit for application developers to allow users to scan and extract content digitally from physical labels such as price labels, inventory tags, vehicle identification numbers (VIN), and more. This is ideal for data capture abilities in automotive, government, retail, warehousing, and other sectors. This technology can help with ensuring pricing accuracy or verifying physical assets, offerings for more efficient workflows and better productivity. The technology makes it seamless for an employee to move down an isle to scan multiple labels and barcodes and instantly call out any mismatches.

With Dynamsoft Label Recognition, users can find vehicles anywhere, anytime by scanning VINs. Innovative text recognition enables high-speed scans and scans at different angles and distances. In healthcare, pharma products that do not have data encoded can be gathered. Or staff ID badges can avoid barcodes and instead rely on label recognition technology to capture ID verification names.

Dynamsoft Label Recognition SDK is powered by optical character recognition (OCR) technology. OCR is leveraged for extracting text from scanned paper data so it can be digitally saved and edited. However, for accuracy and speed efficiencies in specific industries, Dynamsoft has streamlined its OCR deployment for short and sparse content, like found on labels. So, Dynamsoft Label Recognition SDK offers developers specific optimization options.

 Developers can offer users a choice to run zonal OCR in a text area. A user can specify a relative position for a reference area. This specification further quickens scan recognition and enhances recognition accuracy, which is important for large enterprise or warehousing applications. A common expression can also be set to inform Dynamsoft Label Recognition of specific content structure. This might comprise poor lighting, difficulty reaching a VIN to scan, and many others. In such cases, pre-identified semantics in a regular expression can offer context to help Dynamsoft Label Recognition better score possible results.