Dynatrace launches DCRUM 12.4 to Simplify The Transition to Dynamic Data Centers

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

BOSTON, MA: In today’s world, business demands are increasing day by day, and sighting that need, Dynatrace, a digital performance software company has introduced a 12.4 variant of Data Central Real User Monitoring (DC Rum).

The DC RUM 12.4 delivers end-user transaction centric performance monitoring for dynamic data centers. It provides a new visibility into software defined networks and accelerate the transition of organization to service oriented IT operations. Additionally, by scrutinizing performance metrics of the user’s experience, and also enables IT teams to prioritize and help organizations to save their time and resources. Moreover, DC RUM introduces new visibilities into virtual networks, transactional insights into new application environments, and new interfaces to external IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) and dash boarding solutions. “Delivering positive customer experiences is increasingly becoming the responsibility of IT operations teams, particularly with IT’s transition from managing infrastructure to delivering services,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates.

With its capabilities and benefits, DCRUM 12.4 features—application dashboards to leverage modern tile-based visualization, SAP, Citrix and summarized all specific KPI applications on single screen. In addition, it offers IT Operation analytic tool to deliver fast and automated isolation service through tier-level transaction performance, network metrics, baseline and trends.

“DC RUM 12.4 demonstrates our commitment to meeting the changing needs of IT operations teams,” said Steve Tack, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Dynatrace. “As modern data center and application architecture complexity increases, infrastructure monitoring alone isn’t enough to understand service quality. The new iteration of DC RUM addresses the challenges of this changing landscape by supporting a seamless and effective transition to more service oriented IT operations.”

The new release is now made available for customers.