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E2IP Technologies Announces Acquisition of Serious Integrated

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

E2ip technologies recently announced its acquisition of Serious Integrated Inc. to develop and produce global market leaders with creative solutions.

FREMONT, CA: E2ip technologies (e2ip), a pioneer in innovation for Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Smart Surface applications, recently announced its acquisition of Serious Integrated Inc. (Serious), the largest supplier of HMI-IIoT solutions for industrial, medical, and commercial touch screens.

For over a year, e2ip and Serious have worked together as strategic partners to develop and produce global market leaders with creative solutions. The acquisition will allow e2ip to invest in and promote Serious Integrated technologies and solutions' scalable growth.

"e2ip has a broad portfolio of Smart Surface and HMI technologies and solutions", said Eric Saint-Jacques, CEO of e2ip. "Our medical, industrial, aerospace and transportation industry customers are global leaders in their markets and are constantly seeking optimal HMI solutions and breakthrough innovations. The addition of the Serious team, technology portfolio and solutions in the embedded systems, LCD, touch screen applications and hardware integration fields will create greater value for our customers by expanding the breadth of our capabilities."

Growing global competition and demand for high-tech products generate a more substantial need for businesses to distinguish their products creatively. The leading HMI technology that fills the gap between functionality and user experience is touch screens. Commonly incorporated into consumer electronics, they are now widely adopted to enhance visualization, increase worker efficiency and make operations more productive by offering a simpler and more compelling interactive interface with business devices and equipment.

"We're thrilled to become part of e2ip", said Terry West, Founder and CEO of Serious. "e2ip's cost effective, global and high-quality manufacturing footprint combined with their top-tier multinational customer relationships bring the Serious portfolio onto the world stage with immense possibilities for integrated Smart Surfaces. Serious was founded with the goal of delivering innovative HMI and IIoT experiences and the combined forces of e2ip and Serious promise to deliver truly breakthrough value for customers."