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Echosec Systems' Risk Portal to Enable Enterprises to Detect Digital Risks Faster

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Echosec Systems' risk portal identifies breached data and other threats to enterprise assets with round the clock persistent monitoring and advanced machine learning technology.

FREMONT, CA: According to an IBM report, enterprises take 280 days on average to detect and contain digital risks, a timeline that necessitates security solutions that shorten attack lifecycles and save financial and reputational damage. Echosec Systems, a leading innovator in online risk and threat detection, now offers its users the ability to comprehensively protect their digital footprint. Users can directly input their organization's unique digital assets like email and IP addresses into the Echosec Systems risk portal, and the platform will intelligently monitor a diverse range of open, deep, and dark web sources round the clock for digital risk indicators, separating new matches as soon as they are posted online.

The asset monitoring system bridges gaps in the digital risk protection market, becoming increasingly differentiated from conventional threat intelligence. Traditionally, security and threat intelligence tooling has been about empowering individual users. Echosec Systems took a different approach, enabling team members to coordinate with fine-grained usage permissions and a shared inbox to attain their intelligence objectives more quickly and collaboratively. This is essential as security initiatives now tend to cross into an enterprise's non-security departments like marketing and compliance.

Machine learning capabilities in the platform enable users to spend less time avoiding false positives and contextualizing results. The system automatically classifies and ranks results within eight threat categories, including PII, identity hate, and data disclosure. The asset monitoring system and risk portal will be available to all Echosec Systems clients from September 16th, 2020.

Echosec Systems offers intuitive data gathering solutions for threat intelligence. Security and intelligence teams trust Echosec Systems to deliver critical layers of information from difficult-to-access data sources, offering real-time context to keep people and organizations protected. The Echosec Systems Platform aggregates and filters available content from several sources, giving users instant visibility into digital and real-world threats impacting their organization.