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E-Commerce for Shopping: Where is the Industry Headed?

By CIOReview | Monday, July 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Buying products from online and offline stores are two different customer experiences, but both of these will be almost similar in the near future. In a real store, humans assist in finding the right product according to customer preferences. This will be completely different in online stores, where a virtual assistant guides and help in buying the product by asking various questions. The purchases done by virtual assistants will be more realistic, and its purchase decision will be better all the time.

AR has made great progress till date and can be a game-changer in the e-commerce sector in 2019. It creates a friendly environment for buyers where the purchases can be more realistic. Sephora is a French cosmetic store which uses augmented reality for trying different make-up looks and clicks the picture with the outfit the customer wants. Lenskart is an Indian e-commerce platform for eye wearables. It allows the customers to try hundreds of different frames in 3D. It captures the shapes of faces and develops a virtual face so that the customer can try different frames and then purchase what suits them.

Amazon allows the customers to try the products or appliances with the assistance of augmented reality application. In the same way, IKEA is also an AR-based firm that allows trying out furniture and home appliances prior to the purchase. Efficient e-commerce website development is a crucial step for any online businesses, and this should be compatible with all devices so that customers don’t face any website issues. According to Search Engine Land, about 60 percent of the total Google searches are made from mobile devices, and it is suggested that the businesses develop mobile-friendly websites. Buyers prefer to purchase only through mobile devices as navigation to purchases are swift and easy. The other rising use of mobile e-commerce feature is automated check-out wallets like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay. Many online shopping sites are making it easier to order the products. Apple Pay is considered the easiest mode of check-out. In a website which offers Apple Pay, all the customers need just to click “OK,” and the check-out is done.

Soon, the world is bound to see a drastic downfall in the usage of browsers’ as mobile applications have already occupied the market, and even the e-commerce giants are supporting the usage of mobile apps. Advertisements are getting more focused on social media applications, and however, search engines will not be the primary source of traffic to e-commerce platforms.

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