Ecosmob Technologies Fabricate IP BPX Software to Befit Clients Specification

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2015

OLYMBIA, WA: Ecosmob Technologies, VoIP business solution provider, announces the development of Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP BPX) Software, one of the solutions from FreeSWITCH technology.

The IP BPX solution is tailor made to blend seamlessly with the client’s environment, and provides communication at a low cost for both national and international clients. Customers have the ability to select features according to his work environment as well as communication needs.  It is easy to setup, configure and maintain and also offers better customer productivity and services. It creates an improved business environment and upgrade enterprises with modern systems. The VoIP services and solutions are scalable and are engineered on quality and reliability.

The custom development services empowers staff to work from remote locations and provide great flexibility at lesser cost by offering voice, data, video and multimedia using a single network.

It is efficient and contains a wide array of features like intuitive user interface and eliminates phone wiring and vendor lock-in with Web/GUI configured.

“FreeSWITCH is a very scalable technology. It is very easy to add or remove the number of extensions or channels in the PBX developed using FreeSWITCH. It can also support a large number of concurrent calls with the same quality and durability which makes it a perfect fit for the companies which needs to handle huge call traffic. We also provide the upgradation services for existing PBX software,” says the company representative on the recent development.