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eCube Systems Extends the Reach of NXTware Remote to Linux

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HOUSTON, TX: eCube Systems, a firm that enables organizations maximize their returns on technological investments has recently added NXTware Remote Server and NXTware Remote Studio to its Linux platform. The company, through its products and services, helps organizations meet evolving business needs, reduce risks as well as increase productivity. 

NXTware Remote, a distributed integrated development environment is a combination of NXTware Remote server and NXTware Remote Studio. Both the products work together as part of an Eclipse, a software component that is used as a plug-in to enable legacy assets to be upgraded, supported and unified. They also help developers in analyzing and editing codes using modern IDEs.

With NXTware Remote suite being made available for Linux, developers can now leverage the advanced development functions available on OpenVMS. Kevin Barnes, Professional Services Manager, eCube Systems affirms, "Until now, OpenVMS customers migrating to linux had to train their developers on different skills. Now with NXTware Remote, OpenVMS and linux can share the same development platform, saving time, reducing costs and speeding delivery."

eCube Systems’ latest offering allows customers, who have standardized on Eclipse to leverage the benefits of the distributed development on Windows, Linux or Mac as they look forward to develop and deploy applications further. The new suite of products allow developers to continue working as per their previous processes and complete their assignments either on OpenVMS or Linux. This is possible because the same technologies have been used to enable remote development for Linux as in the case of OpenVMS. The company has also retained the existing functions of Linux such as remote login, browsing, editing, debugging and advanced developer tools in COBOL, FORTRAN and C/C++ under NXTware Remote.