Edesix Allies with Vidsys for Real-Time Surveillance in Enterprises Spaces

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC: To achieve enhanced insights into critical situations to make public spaces much safer Vidsys is partnering with Edesix for public safety and enterprise users.  Add a sentence which briefly explains about both the companies. The convergence will offer an integrated solution with Edesix’s VideoBadge (VB-300) along with Vidsys real-time situation management software (CSIM).

The VB-300 series is a WiFi enabled device equipped with security and footage protection features. The camera streams live footage with help of RTSP gateway service while simultaneously storing the recording for later download or viewing. On the other hand Vidsys’ CSIM uses physical security sensors and data which are ideal for building management, radars or sonars, asset tracking, social media and IT security and management systems.

The combined solution will enhance clarity and provide better insight over critical situations. The VB-300 camera is ideal for frontline works and with help of extra wide angled lens, live feeds can be directed to the Vidys CSIM platform viewers for real-time alerts and notifications.  

"We're delighted to be collaborating with Vidsys to ensure that public safely users are provided with an overall management solution. As body cameras become commonplace, the importance of seamlessly integrating footage with an operation center's management system, is fast becoming prevalent in the security market place,” says Richie McBride, CEO, Edesix.