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EdTech Transforming the Libraries

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

EdTech in the present day has added vastly to the transformation of the libraries and the librarians.

FREMONT, CA: Education technology has changed the face of the twenty-first-century libraries, and they no more function like before. Once known as a quiet bastion of organized books for students, libraries today have transformed themselves into a contemporary store of learning.

Below are a few ways on how EdTech has transformed the libraries:  

Silence is No Longer Golden: Libraries at present have become a center of activity for schools, colleges, and communities. Education technology encourages students in collaborative activities such as creating music online, making videos, and building designs with 3-D printers. Libraries today have become a social hub and are no longer used just for the purpose of knowledge and recall.

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Digital Literacy is as Important as Reading Literacy: Students cannot access EdTech if they do not know how to use it. Digital literacy includes the use of technology skills along with reading and writing abilities so that users can interpret and retrieve digital information responsibly.

Content Curated Digitally: Along with checking out a book from the library, students can also access many eBooks and other digital material available. Learners, additionally, can also build reports and analyze new data trends in the libraries.

More Than Books: Libraries also function as the media resource centers because they store a lot of data in the digital form and encourage digital readers to use EdTech products and access the information through video and computer checkouts.

More Information and Less Space: The materials and books a library could offer were once restricted to the availability of the physical space, but with digital collections, the libraries have increased their catalog of holding the piece of information.

Once Librarians, Today’s EdTech Leaders: Librarians once focused on magazines, books, and newspapers to get the information out to the readers. Today, librarians have transformed into content curators as they develop digital resources and serve as internet guides all thanks to EdTech.

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