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Effective Software Testing Strategies for Quick software Delivery

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The digital transformation has helped the enterprises to build products rapidly and deliver services to match the growing expectations of their customers. Companies are striving hard to cope up with the grueling demands of the market.

Software development has also witnessed the digital transformation with a shift from the traditional waterfall model to agile methodologies. For most organizations, software testing is an untapped reservoir of the improvement they desire. Many organizations have implemented DevOps-based agile processes to speed-up the software testing processes, but still, software testing has a lot of scope for improvement. Few ways to ensure effective software testing processes for an organization:

Shifting Testing Left: “Shifting left” is an approach in which organizations conduct testing earlier in the agile development process. It helps businesses to deliver efficient software products at a great speed. The traditional approach of testing, which is done by a quality assurance team at the end of the development process delays the software delivery process. “Shifting left” approach helps an organization to test a product earlier and give feedback to the developers.

Headless Testing: Headless testing is an approach to facilitate shift left testing. In this approach, testing is performed on a browser with no graphical user interface.  The headless testing approach leverages containers rather than virtual machines, which provides a quick and cost-effective implementation in the early stages of development.

Leveraging Cloud: Cloud services provide agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness to the software development process. As early pipeline testing has become standard practice for organizations, many development teams have already seized on the synergies between cloud and testing.

Automation: Automation helps an organization to finish repeated tasks in real-time. It is the fastest way to prevent testing lags. Automated testing does not require any human intervention, assisting companies to perform agile and error-free testing. Selenium, Appium, and many other platforms offer automated software testing features.

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