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Effective Strategies for Driving Better Results In Content Marketing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The mass volume of information freely available to consumers is amusing. The challenge of sorting the information to find useful is critical. Consumers should be able to efficiently uncover the information they need. Search algorithms are supposed to structure the information based on quality and usefulness. If an organization wants to show up top in search results must practice certain strategies in content marketing. Generating new traffic on the website can generate sales and customer retention. Providing informational, educational, and engaging content to the customers can help them stay loyal to the brand or service. The three strategies that can help the content perform better and increase traffic on site are the following.

Focusing on the right keyword can create a huge impact on growing traffic. Keyword targeting can bring customers who are most likely to convert. It is not just sprinkling a few keywords throughout the text but a writer should take the pain to discover the potential keywords. The goal is to find keywords with the highest search volumes and the lowest competition.

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Social media advertising provides the most scalable content promotion and turns visitors into leads and customers. It is not only about social sharing and optimizing content for social channels, but is about connecting social business also. A few social media content marketing tasks include

• Embracing influencer marketing
• Drafting a strategy
• Digging deep into data
• Monitoring the platform
• Considering social platforms as destinations in themselves and not as distribution channels

Cross-linking is an imperative strategy that can bring high search engine rankings, by leveraging multiple domains owned by an organization. These links are valued by search engines as they are from relevant sites and are related content. The commonly practiced strategies for cross-linking are footer/sidebar links and in-content deep linking. The right ways to cross-link to gain maximum advantage are

• Ensuring unique, original content
• Choosing similar themes complementing each other
• User experience
• Using keyword rich anchor text
• Making it seem natural