Efficient Data Management through Cloud and Fiber Optics

By CIOReview | Friday, March 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: SolidFire, a startup that provides flash storage for enterprises and cloud service providers, has introduced their new platform called Carbon, where the firm will gain Fiber Channel connectivity and real-time replication to public clouds.

The company emphasizes its scale-out architecture, high-performance virtualization and ability to provide performance quality of service, informs Jeffrey Schwartz of the virtualizationreview.

Fiber channel enables enterprise customers to easily progress current FC workloads and take benefits of SolidFire’s storage performance, system automation, and scale-out architecture.

 “SolidFire only supports 10 Gbps iSCSI, which is widely used, but Fiber Channel remains more prevalent. If you want to take advantage of the scale of the guaranteed performance and the automation of our storage system, you can do so without the need to move onto iSCSI and leverage the Fiber Channel protocols that enterprises use today. Most large organizations still rely on Fiber Channel and are reluctant to add iSCSI to their infrastructures,” said Jay Prassl, SolidFire's VP of marketing.

With the help of real-time replication technology organization can cost-efficiently create additional remote copies of data. This functionality delivers essential disaster recovery capabilities to cloud service providers and enterprise customers without the need for third party hardware or software.

SolidFire says Carbon lets enterprises and cloud service providers back up thousands of hosts using its new native snapshot capability and can backup to any Amazon Web Services S3 or OpenStack SWIFT-compatible API. However it will be made available next quarter.