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Efficient Multimedia Solutions to Global Businesses

By CIOReview | Monday, February 4, 2019

The field of multimedia development has been greatly expanded in recent years. Software options range from do-it-yourself to professional house approaches in complexity. Many personal computers are now available with already loaded basic media software. CyberLink is a global leader in the development of multimedia software. In 1996, CyberLink changed how people use the PCs, mobile devices, and the cloud and create media. All major computer manufacturers and millions of worldwide customers are sold the award-winning products of the company. CyberLink also operates regional operations across U.S., Japanese, European, and Asian-Pacific offices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Recently, CyberLink Corp has entered into a new partnership with worldwide news organization AFP that will equip its reporters with award-winning PowerDirector video editing software. Available on Android smartphones, the Powers Director from CyberLink enables journalists worldwide to capture, edit, compress and transmit video content seamlessly to any AFP Video desk. CyberLink’s PowerDirector enhances the Video Production Workflow.

AFP is a global news agency providing quick, accurate and thorough coverage of events that produce international news through video, text, photography, multimedia, and infographic. AFP employs 2,400 people of 80 nationalities and spreads across 151 countries and is available in six languages around the world 24 hours a day. PowerDirector is a CyberLink mobile video editing software that enables journalists to create awesome, engaging videos on-the-go. In all key formats, including new standards, such as Video H.265, and Video 360, PowerDirector allows the trim, attachment, and overlay of clips and effects.

AFP journalists need reliable and easy-to-use tools to capture and describe the events they cover, as a global media company. With the PowerDirector mobile app, AFP journalists will not only be able to quickly capture and edit video content during key news events but will also be able to compress files that suffer minimal quality loss reliably. For instance, the first AFP journalist arriving on the scene, for special coverage, can easily film, edit, and send exclusive footage of the event for publication by using a simple Android smartphone on an AFRP video editing desk, even if they have no background in video production.

“Even with little cell service or weak Wi-Fi, PowerDirector has proven itself capable of compressing and transmitting video and photo content fast—allowing us to quickly distribute and broadcast the first important videos of an event quickly,” says Laurent Kalfala, journalist and innovation project chief, AFP.