Egnyte Announces New Enterprise Mobile Suite with Optimized UI
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Egnyte Announces New Enterprise Mobile Suite with Optimized UI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Egnyte that provides Adaptive Enterprise File Services announces its new enterprise mobile suite that’s optimized for businesses to seamlessly access, manage and share online and offline data from both cloud and on-premises storage. With insights from its product usage data, industry trends, and customer feedback, Egnyte enhanced user interfaces and added new features to its enterprise solution across all major mobile platforms on the market including Android, iOS, and Windows.

According to research firm IDC, the number of enterprise applications optimized for mobility will quadruple by 2016. Egnyte is also extending its application to the Apple Watch, providing all-new functionalities for early adopters and organizations participating in the Bring Your Own Wearable Device (BYOWD) trend.

“As we reinforce our mobile-first enterprise file services approach, it will be vital for organizations to provide employees with a full suite of enterprise-grade applications for secure access to any content in the cloud and on premises,” says Rajesh Ram, co-founder of Egnyte.

With Egnyte’s new mobile applications, users are now able to:

Seamlessly manage online and offline content: Files that are marked for offline access can now be organized in a centralized view, creating an unparalleled ease-of-use between offline and online content.

Name/rename files directly from a mobile device:  With the ability to name and rename files via mobile, clarity is created and workflow is improved.

Receive dynamic notifications: When large files and folders are being uploaded or downloaded at any location, dynamic notifications can be set to track status updates in real time.

Access hi-res thumbnails and previews: Rather than downloading a file to get the highest resolution, thumbnails and previews of images will now be delivered in high-resolution to create a better viewing experience.