EigenRisk Merged Up with Three Data Partners to Support its Analytics and Catastrophe Modeling Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: EigenRisk Inc. introduces three data partners to mark the progress of EigenPrism, an Analytics and Catastrophe modeling platform. The data partners, Meteorological Connections LLC (MetCon), KatRisk and HurricaneMapping work together to assess the data on various natural catastrophes like hurricanes and floods across the globe in real time. EigenRisk provides efficient professional services and software solutions for corporate risk managers, brokers, insurers and reinsurers.

The company ensures to monitor, analyze and predict the catastrophes by generating accurate catastrophe models using EigenPrism. EigenRisk helps the clients to manage their response and recovery measures well in advance before a disaster. A precise estimate of the losses can be made for the insurance companies enhancing the ability to provide claims for their clients.

Clients receive the following resources from the three partners of EigenRisk:

The Meteorological Connections LLC (MetCon) delivers accurate weather forecasts and analysis using the Geographic Information System (GIS). The data procured is used for the development of the agriculture and energy sectors. Seasonal changes in the weather can be predicted accurately. GIS also interprets the meteorological data and provides weather forecast products in the form of tables, charts and maps.

KatRisk deals with the aspect of producing high resolution catastrophe models and risk solutions related to floods and hurricanes. They inspect flood hazard areas, progress of hurricanes and create high resolution maps accordingly. Maps help to predict the impact of the disaster effectively.

HirricaneMapping, a service of Sea Island, Inc. also plays a vital role in providing hurricane and typhoon tracking data for the clients. A detailed analysis is implemented using the KML/KMZ format to assess the disaster prone area via Google Earth and track the progress of a hurricane. The results of the analysis are in the form of live data feeds.

EigenRisk has indeed increased the level of proficiency in delivering services and achieved customer satisfaction by merging up with the three partners. Data generated by the three partners efficiently support EigenRisk and the platform in providing accurate results for the customers. Clients will be able to respond to the scenario of natural catastrophes rapidly.