Einblick's Video-Enabled Data Whiteboards Enables Real-Time Remote Collaboration
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Einblick's Video-Enabled Data Whiteboards Enables Real-Time Remote Collaboration

By CIOReview | Monday, October 18, 2021

Einblick’s video-based collaboration capability enables diverse teams to work more efficiently on data difficulties from remote places.

FREMONT, CA: As remote work and working from home grow more prevalent and accepted in many industries, in-person collaboration, such as conference room meetings and whiteboard sessions, will become the exception rather than the rule. To maintain efficient collaboration, people must find new ways to connect and participate without sharing physical location. Online collaboration solutions are intended to accomplish precisely that by supplanting outdated analog methods with new digital ones. With the widespread adoption and use of tools such as online whiteboards, it is now easier than ever to enable distant workers to collaborate in real time. Einblick, an interactive analytics whiteboard built on years of research at MIT and Brown University, confirms the availability of a new video-based collaboration capability that enables multidisciplinary teams to work more efficiently together on data challenges from remote locations. Einblick enables users to visually explore their data, construct models, and collaborate on data-driven decisions through its revolutionary open canvas architecture that allows descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Additionally, the company is offering a free 14-day trial of its recently released Einblick 1.0 to allow consumers to experience the power of real-time collaboration.

“Einblick is changing how data-driven business insights are explored, developed, and communicated,” says Tim Kraska, CEO and Co-Founder of Einblick, regarding the platform. “Right now, everyone is being asked to inform their business decisions with data. Einblick’s new video feature allows both business users and data scientists to work together in real-time on data problems rather than just sharing final results.”

Einblick 1.0

Einblick is a collaborative analytics whiteboard that enables data scientists and business users to quickly get actionable insights from their data. Einblick 1.0 is a cloud-based visual data analytics platform that enables cross-disciplinary teams to collaborate on exploring their data and models in an open canvas that supports descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Collaboration via video: Recreate the magic of in-person meetings with video-enabled multi-player whiteboards. Einblick enables teams to collaborate online on data analysis.

Enhanced Key Driver Analysis (KDA): Users may quickly mine data for insights and discover the main features affecting performance among thousands of possible parameters - KDA features provide more extensive analytics and explainability tools.

Improved Coding Integration: Users can construct the most efficient hybrid code/no-code data pipelines. Additionally, Einblick enables users to expose their libraries as additional visual operators, enabling them to access the entire organization.

Progressive Approximation Engine: Einblick’s progressive approximation engine responds in real-time regardless of the scale of data or the computing complexity of the study, preventing teams from being bogged down by traditional system architecture.