eLearning Via Gamification
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eLearning Via Gamification

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Gamification is flourishing to be the next disruptive trend in electronic learning.

FREMONT, CA: Gamification has developed to be the next big thing in eLearning because nothing else attracts the youth than a game. Games play a role of being the most significant attention grabbers, which makes courses to employ the engaging and immersive nature of games to maximize the learning outcome. Gamification refers to an adaptation of something into a game.

Gamification in the eLearning Industry

The process in eLearning primarily refers to using various components of the game, particularly a video game to design the learning path and content. In fundamental nature, it uses game mechanics and other elements to make electronic instruction more appealing and gripping. 

Some of the common elements of gamification in eLearning include:

• Scoring Mechanism/ Awards/ Badges: Reward learners when they perform well in their course.

• Levels: The feature can be used to present instruction in a staggered way by building upon previously introduced concepts.

• Leaderboards/Quests: Allow students to decide their own pace and path during their learning.

How to Make eLearning More Engaging with Gamification

Below are some tips to make eLearning more engaging by using gamification elements:

1. Use the continuous scoring method to encourage learners to study the subject attentively.

2. Exercise rewarding to give immediate feedback and keep the student eager to learn more.

3. Make use of levels to provide a sense of achievement to the pupil.

4. Use badges to identify good performers and inspire others to do better.

5. Use timers to instill a sense of strategic thinking and urgency.

6. Use stemming scenarios to give liberty to students to try a variety of options and learn from the mistake.

7. Use the fun elements to maintain learner’s mind refreshed.

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