Electric Cloud Imparts New DevOps Automation Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2016
Steve Brodie, CEO, Electric Cloud

Steve Brodie, CEO, Electric Cloud

SAN JOSE, CA: Electric Cloud, DevOps service provider recently unveiled its flagship ElectricFlow DevOps Release Automation platform. It orchestrates and automates DevOps tools in the software delivery processes ranging from code check-in through release; and helps clients to boost productivity, eliminate risks of failed releases, and decrease delivery time.

ElectricFlow offers enterprises with consistent build, test and deployment procedures to speed up cycle times, eliminate configuration drift and bottlenecks in the pipeline. It stimulates companies to standardize and automate their software deployment tools and processes, as much as possible. The feature set of Electicflow incorporates a new artifact staging automated rollbacks and simplified manual steps creation capabilities to improve the orchestration and automation of an organization's 'Pathway to Production’. "The industry discussion has evolved from 'how do I get started with DevOps?' to 'how do we scale our DevOps initiatives while addressing security, compliance and governance?'" says Steve Brodie, CEO, Electric Cloud.

The platform expedites automation of any workflow and plug-in any tool or technology stack. ElectricFlow offers a dashboard with intuitive workflow visualization, as well as real-time and historical trend reporting. Its real-time insights into cloud environments, application versions, artifacts, resource usage, pending approvals and running tasks, provides traceability to identify exceptions and maintain compliance. The platform has system-wide view of exceptions that manages compliance for critical software development processes. “ElectricFlow offers new features designed specifically for the needs of the largest and most complex organizations on the planet – with some of our customers releasing updates from 40,000+ developers across 20,000+ applications on a single platform," adds Steve Brodie.