Electronic Health Record Integrated in Viimed Healthcare

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC: Viimed, work flow based asynchronous telehealth and care coordination provider, will now be integrated with Electronic Health Record(EHR) using InterSystem software for HealthShare, a software provider for connected care.

The EHR of InterSystem provides a platform for data management which handles complex and unstructured data in an efficient way. This partnership model allows healthcare organization to aggregate the collected patient data with ease according to the interaction with their patients.

The integration provides a strategic interoperability platform for patients to get information on patient’s progress gathered from any system, including all detailed and minor data., The healthcare organization can customize the platform according to the needs generated by workflows.

Viimed enables a more interactive workflow platform for the patients and the providers using recorded video. This brings about a personalized communication between the healthcare providers and patients guiding them through step-by-step care; informing them about their chronic conditions and making them more aware of their health conditions. .

"The InterSystems health informatics platform, being the most feature-rich and powerful in the industry, allows us to scale our product in a new way. Connecting our existing platform with the technical aspects of theirs will give ViiMed an industry-wide reach,"says Aaron Bullard, a Head of Integrations with ViiMed.