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Electronic Trading Industry to Improve with OANDA's New CTO

By CIOReview | Friday, January 31, 2020

The FinTech company, OANDA, makes use of innovative digital and financial technology to offer transparent, precise, and reliable access to the leading financial market of the world.

FREMONT, CA: OANDA is a worldwide leader in online multi-asset trading services and currency data and analytics. The company has recently announced Emmanuel Coulon as their newly-appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Coulon will be in charge of steering the global technology strategy of the firm, along with providing technical leadership throughout every section of the business.

Coulon’s career span is nearly three decades now, where he has been associated with numerous leading financial services and technology organizations over these years. He recently moved to OANDA from ADSS, where he worked as a Global Head of Technology. Besides, he has also been a part of several other leading firms such as Grupo CIMD, ICAP, and Effix Systems / Reuters.Top FinTech Solution Companies

Along with Coulon’s 30 years of experience, comes his ability to provide deep-seated technical expertise with a piece of in-depth knowledge about the electronic trading industry. His capabilities can be crucial for the firm’s success, as the company has started exploring new ways to leverage their technology and drive its potential growth in the future. OANDA, which is known as a FinTech company at heart, has been inspired long by the culture of innovation, clubbed with technical excellence. Coulon has now become a part of a dynamic team that looks forward to improving its technology solutions even further.

OANDA was founded in 1996 and was the first company to share exchange rate data with no charges on the Internet. It launched an FX trading platform that assisted in leading the way to the development of web-based currency trading in the following five years. In the present time, OANDA offers online multi-asset trading, analytics, and currency data, to corporate clients and retail, representing unsurpassed expertise when it comes to foreign exchange. Furthermore, OANDA remains devoted to renovating the foreign exchange business, with regulated entities around the six most active financial markets of the world.

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