Electrovaya Litarion Unveils Thinner Ceramic Separator for Advanced Battery Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Electrovaya and its wholly owned subsidiary Litarion GmbH together introduce SEPARION P20, a thinner flexible ceramic separator. SEPARION is a patened, fully ceramic coated separator, which has high temperature tolerance and ultra safe for Lithium Ion batteries. The SEPARION family is now expanded and available in 21 micron (P20) and 28 micron (P30) separators.

The main features of newly launched SEPARION P20 include: thinner &flexible separators, high temperature incursions and high safety performance. Due to the high temperature withstanding capability, P20 makes lithium Ion battery safer. The flexible ceramic coated separator is made up of trilayer Polyolefin, which extends the life cycle of the Lithium Ion batteries, thereby reducing the cost of the cell assembly.

SEPARION P20 is powering advanced applications like electric vehicles, utility scale and grid scale energy storage. This mainly serves automotive customers because of its high safety performance.

The flexible ceramic separator, SEPARION, is a proven technology providing excellent safety and performance for advanced battery applications, SEPARION P20 is the further development needed for the next generation of cells," says Dr. Kai-Christian Möller, Fraunhofer Battery Alliance, Germany.