Elemica Launches Business Process Control Tower Application

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 29, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Elemica, a provider of Supply Chain Operating Network for the process industries, has launched their new Business Process Control Tower application, the latest integral component within the company’s next generation SmartLink suite of solutions.

Control Tower offers a consolidated view of transactional data across business partners for greater visibility and deeper insights into supply chain activities.  Elemica’s new Process Control Tower brings order from the chaos, eliminating the “noise” of data overload so supply chain leaders are able to filter out unnecessary information and view analytics that really matter.

“While Big Data is growing in popularity, manufacturers in the process industry need significant data for their supply chain analytics. The new Business Process Control Tower transforms and filters multiple data sources into information and decision support, improving supply chain performance and the bottom line.  Rather than sifting through countless data sets, this ‘Lean Data’ approach starts with questions relevant to your business and finds ways to answer them using the right data sources. That’s the beauty of the Control Tower – you have the right information in front of you to make the right decisions faster for your business,” said Gary Neights, Director of Product Management at Elemica. “

Elemica’s new Business Process Control Tower consolidates transactional data across supply chain business partners, from suppliers to carriers to customers. This includes order, invoice, payment, and delivery information, into a single, unified view of enterprise-wide information. Typically supply chain information from trading partners comes in a variety of formats and forms, from Excel spreadsheets, EDI messaging, emails, XML messages, and more, that are difficult to quickly interpret. With Elemica’s new Control Tower, users gain cross-company visibility of descriptive data in a clean, simple, easy-to-understand view.

Elemica’s Business Process Control Tower provides a simplified snapshot of what is going on across all trading partners, yet allows users to drill down to put meaning behind the numbers. The Control Tower enables companies to; define and track key performance indicators for scorecards; understand complex information easily with a straight-forward, simple, unified view; manage by exception; aggregate data for centralized insight into the enterprise; save time and lower costs with metrics-driven decision-making; understand business patterns and trends to pinpoint areas for improvement; and access relevant data to synchronize supply chain strategies.