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Email Deliverability- Key Factor Guiding Email ROI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Knowing the fundamental and crucial difference between email deliverability and email delivery paves the fruitful future of email marketing.

FREMONT, CA: Email delivery clearly describes the successful delivery of emails to the receiving server, whereas the email deliverability confirms the triumphant arrival of email in the receiver's inbox. Avoiding the emails to land on the spam folder is essential for email marketing. Email deliverability can get affected by various factors like weak authentication, infrastructures for email campaigns, and subscriber's preference on the sender's reputation. Although there are some effective techniques as well, to improve the email deliverability rates, one of them is to track the email deliverability.

Identifying the active subscribers who open their emails can lead the way for effective deliverability tracking. By recognizing the most active list of the subscribers will help to discover the factors of engagement and to implement on the other email strategy. Monitoring can also help to understand the reasons for unsubscribing; tracking the email campaign can identify the problems and issues with the mail content or any broken links.

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Email deliverability also offers steps to improve such as using double opt-in subscription method, sending email campaigns based on the subscriber's interest, monitoring email campaign reports regularly, regular track of spam traps and managing the mail list into segment can ensure the campaign deliver optimal value.

As the sender's reputation is an important aspect which can affect the rate of email deliverability, hence it is essential to maintain a good score of the email address. Sending emails on a regular and consistent schedule, maintaining a clean mail list and low complaint rates of spam can improve the trust and reliability of the Internet Service Providers (ISP). Maintaining high volume email deliverability is sometimes complicated and challenging. Email deliverability is the key to a successful email marketing program, ultimately to fetch huge return on investment.

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