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Email Marketing: Reviewing the Fundamentals for a Lasting Brand Loyalty

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Governments encouraging free WiFi has changed the communication landscape today. Smartphones which were bulky a decade ago have reduced to the size of paper. These actions have a significant impact on people.

Data generated from devices is increasing rapidly; people are more connected via social media platforms. All these changes indeed have a profound effect on companies across all the sectors. This has impacted every government. Because rapid digitalization has created transparency since every second person is posting images online, transparency via social media has changed the way people express their feeling. At the fundamental level, people have become more responsive toward causes. These activities reflect the changing landscape in the digital marketing domain. Accumulation of factors on the internet affects the way companies interact with their existing or potential customers. This change is reflected in the changing trends. For instance, companies are pursuing multi-channel marketing. They are creating cohesive, fluid campaigns, all through multi-channel messaging. This can benefit organizations drive sales, increase brand recall, and level up consumer engagement. It all starts with building the right campaign. Companies list, messaging, and follow-ups are the fundamental components of a powerful email strategy. List sanitation, content strategy, and campaign automation should all be aligned within this framework. Every piece in the frame is critical and leads the prospects from interest to purchase.

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After implementing the fundamentals, companies need to reevaluate the KPIs which will change because of the insights they have gained. Sticking to a few fundamentals promise phenomenal results. Businesses need to focus on building relationships so that their brand has a cult following. Companies need to remember that less is more—meaning, writing fewer emails that serve the purpose of the emails should be the intent behind sending them. Also, companies need to ensure that their emails are customer-centric.

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