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By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Email security refers to the collective measures to keep sensitive information in email communication and secures it from unauthorized access, loss or compromise. Now email security has become a priority for business with an increased threat from hackers, spam, viruses, phishing, and identity theft. So it turns critical to safeguarding email account from common attacks and unauthorized access.

Malware attached email is quite destructive. Phishing emails contain malware in attachments which will look like legitimate documents or hyperlinks that lead to websites that serve malware. Opening that attachment or clicking on that link will make the device compromised. Phishing can also be used to trick recipients into sharing sensitive information. Phishing attacks against businesses often target departments that handle sensitive personal or financial data. Attackers will try to instill a sense of urgency to increase the chances of success. Phishing emails aimed at data breaching will ask recipients to confirm their login information, passwords, social security number, bank account numbers, and even credit card information. There are multiple ways to prevent data breaches.

 Best practices of email security include:

•  Providing a security education for employees around email security risks to avoid falling victim to such attacks.
•  Using strong passwords and mandating passwords change in regular intervals.
•  Using email encryption to protect both email content and the attachment.
•  Implementing scanners and other tools to scan messages and prevent messages containing malware.
•  Implementing a data protection solution to identify sensitive data to prevent loss.

The best practices that end users should follow to ensure email security includes:

•  Avoid opening attachments and links from unknown senders.
•  Avoid sharing passwords with anyone.
•  Use spam filters and anti-virus software.
•  Do not access company email using public wifi