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Embracing Diversity in Workforce

By CIOReview | Friday, June 1, 2018

An effective workload orchestration is the backbone of any company’s success. Whether it’s a fresher or a long-tenured employee, each one of them plays an important part in an organization’s growth. For instance, let’s take a case of a contact center to demonstrate the value of the employees.

Often, one can find long tenured employees in the same designation for years in contact centers, some may see it as a lack of growth but that is far from the truth. As these experienced employees are the cornerstones of every company. With their profound knowledge and experience, long-tenured employees provide relevant insights and data that serve as a valuable asset to the organization. Moreover contact center may come across the same problems once in a while, but by availing experienced employees in the company, the seamless solution is achieved. As long-tenured employees have the experience of dealing such complexities, so organizations need not revamp their team to find a solution.

Freshers are also as important as long-term employees in contact centers. They may not have the experience and insights but all the new employees have the enthusiasm and excitement which creates a refreshing work environment. But once these fresher in organizations attain a significant growth curve, they may experience an increase in productivity of contact centers. Additionally one can also note the healthy competitions among freshers which are triggering faster growth between them. So both the long-tenured and new employees act as a driving force for an effective workforce.

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