EMC Announces Data Lake Advancements for Greater Predictive Big Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: EMC announces its expansion of “Data Lake Hadoop Bundle 2.0” with Isilon scale-out NAS solutions to tackle unstructured data in large data environment. The innovation serves enterprises a platform with a high speed data analytics, while keeping acquisition and management at lower cost. The new solutions provide efficiency, scalability and business agility from edge-to-core and core-to-cloud.

Data Lake Hadoop Bundle 2.0 is a high-performance Big Data computing appliance that maximizes analytics performance and simplifies deployment, implementation and scaling of Hadoop and advanced analytics. EMC uses its Isilon scale-out storage for the Data Lake and Hadoop-based analytics for gaining insights.

The addition of EMC to Isilon family delivers EMC Isilon scale-out NAS(Network Attached Storage) that makes Data Lake more efficient and secure while leveraging the cloud to tier less active data. It consolidates all of the growing unstructured data efficiently.

The three new enhancements EMC IsilonSD Edge, EMC Isilon OneFS and EMC Isilon CloudPools enable storing, managing, protecting and analyzing large volume of data in an easy way. It delivers: flexible and ultra-high performance scale-out NAS storage for high transactional and IOPS-intensive needs; extensive multiprotocol capabilities support a wide range of high-performance computing applications; and performance scales to more than 3.75 million IOPS in a single cluster.

EMC IsilonSD Edge is a software-only version of EMC’s Isilon OneFS operating system designed to serve Isilon users with the software defined capabilities for large scale data and allowing data access by extending Data Lake to the edge. It is a 36TB capacity storage family operating at edge that runs on commodity hardware and runs all key features of Isilon, including multiprotocol access, Swift, and HDFS. It is integrated with VMware ESX and vCenter to simplify management and use of existing virtual infrastructures.

EMC Isilon OneFS software increases resiliency and flexibility allowing the Data Lake to expand to the edge and cloud; optimize storage at the core; assuring data availability with non-disruptive operations management that updates from minor to major and major to major; and rollback capabilities that allows admin to rollback the upgrade to the previous version if needed. OneFS combines the three layers of traditional storage architectures: file system, volume manager, and data protection into one unified layer.

EMC Isilon CloudPools enables the integration of Isilon scale-out NAS with private and public clouds. It extends the data lake to embrace the cloud at lower costs while retaining its functionality. It optimizes resources and gain web-scale or cloud-storage capacity with the visibility and accessibility of data.