EMC Coordinated Data Analytics and Visualization to Unveil John McGuiness Swiftness on Tracks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: John McGuiness a versatile motorcycle racer capable of riding all types of motorcycles has 21 Isle of Man TT and 6 NW200 cups under his name which are considered to be world’s toughest race demanding immense of concentration and maintaining minimum 200Kmph speed. At this velocity, a person’s one single mistake can turn out to be the last one on roughest tracks.

Wondering about John McGuiness agility and curious to track the reason behind his success, EMC; a data storage, information, security, cloud computing and analytics provider, has collected high dimensional data using data analytics hardware and software sensors. These sensors were fitted in his bike and suit during Spanish test circuit to reveal the way rider interfaced with machine.

These sensors measured every millisecond of lean angle, YAW, pulse and respiration of racer along with RPM, gear, engine g-force and speed of motor bike. Later the collected data was released to data science community to analyze and interpret in the form of open competition. The competition was segmented into two parts; one was focused on data analytics and other on data visualization.

Data analytics was won by Stefan Jol who determined each element of the track analysis. He showed complete insight of performance of each track and their impact on further race course. He used robust random forest modeling technique which can guide the other future riders where to focus more.

Data visualization segment was conquered by Charlotte Wickham who built an interactive and intuitive visualization that allows the user to perform their own analysis in each segment because of easily accessible format. She explained that a racer who entered bent track in faster motion couldn’t pace later. Whereas John had applied sudden and harder breaks in corner accelerating his vehicle later, this enabled him to reach end point at the first place.

The competition brought various insights over the question what makes John McGuinness so fast? Therefore EMC decided to repeat their competition with more equipped sensors to capture his row of performance, biometric and mechanical data at the coming Isle of Man TT.