Emcien Automates Data Discovery through its New Release EmcienScan

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: In order to facilitate the smooth functioning of data wrangling, data movement, cleansing and preparation, Emcien has introduced a new software EmcienScan, that automates data discovery and exploration. It helps in identifying the quality of data prior to an analysis.

EmcienScan enables companies to focus on the valuable parts of their data by automatically discovering the connections in the data. It boosts the process of data cleansing or exploratory analysis by presenting predictive relationships in data. The new software pinpoints the value in each data source and keeps the valuable data aside.

EmcianScan’s automated data exploration empowers quality and connectedness of data; enables users to evaluate data and saves time and efforts with an adaptive design that can be connected to any data source. Its ability to integrate with various data sources performing scans in traditional data storage solutions and modern distributed data frameworks like Hadoop and HDFS, allows Emcien hardware and solutions partners to integrate EmcienScan into their offerings for data discovery across different networks, platforms and other places where data is stored.