EmcienScan An Evolution in Machine Learning for Automated Data Discovery

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2015
ATLANTA, GA : Georgian Data Analysis giant Emcien recently announced “EmcienScan,” Machine Learning for Automated data discovery its  new evolution in data analysis. Emcien  is a Atlanta based technology company pioneering  automation in data analysis.

EmcienScan is basically a data exploration tool that allows its user to check what is inside the data with a simple scaning. It correctly identifies what needs to be focused and saves them a lot of money and time. The automated data exploration solution also accelerates data discovery and avoid wrangling and preparation wastage. EmcienScan identifies the valuable things in each data source without coding or querying before any data cleansing or exploratory analysis. It also notifies the user on whats really needs to be done with the data and keep it isolated from noise. Apart from this, it highlights the core data insight.

The EmcienScan automatic data discovery reveals all the similar data that doesn’t require prior knowledge. The EmcienScan deploys pattern Analysis Engine which automatically generates the prevalent patterns without any bias and end up the need of search and queries. The actual analysis occurs in memory to provide user with the right answer because the analysis encapsulates the entire data set.

The connective ability of EmcienScan helps it to join different data sources. Emcien retains their previous offerings for automated data discovery in their networks, platforms, and everywhere else where there is data resides in the enterprise.