EMCO Releases a New Version of its Network Inventory

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: EMCO Software, provider of software and hardware audit solutions for Windows networks, announces a new release of EMCO Network Inventory, focused on improving performance of remote audit operations and collecting new data from remote PCs.

EMCO Network Inventory is a software application designed to work in Windows networks and enables network administrators to perform a complete audit of remote PCs connected to a LAN/WAN. The application allows extracting detailed software and hardware information, which includes thousands of items, from every PC. In particular, the collected information includes specifications for every hardware component, such as the CPU, the memory, the motherboard, etc. The extracted data includes the hardware manufacturer, the model, the serial number if available and so on. For complex hardware devices, network administrators can audit their parameters such as, for example, the number of memory slots and free slots on a motherboard. All the collected information is stored in a centralized database, so the administrators can see where the same components are used and can plan upgrades more effectively.

In addition to hardware audits, EMCO Network Inventory allows collecting data about the installed OS and applications from every PC. For every application, the reported information includes the vendor, the version and other parameters displayed by Windows Programs and Features. The collected software information is aggregated, so it is possible to see the total number of installations of every application across a network and compare it with the number of purchased licenses to generate a license compliance report. Also, it's easy to detect the PCs where a particular application is installed, for instance to upgrade it.