Emerging Automation Technology in Retail
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Emerging Automation Technology in Retail

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The retail sector is experiencing a monumental shift with the increasing dominance of e-commerce. Mobile technology enabled by high-speed 4G connectivity has opened new possibilities for e-commerce platforms. Moreover, the advantages offered by online shopping concerning convenience, lower costs, and global shopping opportunities have allowed it to maintain its growth potential in the market. Voice recognition technology, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize e-commerce, potentially eliminating touch and keystrokes as input for search engines, especially on mobile and tablet devices.

Voice assistants usher in an era where any action performed via search engines are conducted through voice-activated systems, without the need for physical contact.  Consequently, intelligent voice agents have facilitated an easy and convenient means of online purchases. With consumers being accustomed to voice-activated devices, voice assistants are being adopted increasingly. Reports also show that users are positive about their experience with voice assistants, and prefer to use them for everyday tasks such as checking the weather, shopping online, or booking a cab.

The allure of voice assistant lies in its ability to offer simplicity, and richness of interaction that is an innovation unfamiliar to consumers. Retailers capable of fulfilling the current demand for voice assistants in the market can capitalize on the opportunity to establish close relationships with consumers and experience significant growth. While implementing voice activation systems may pose a challenge, retailers need to follow the initiatives launched by the e-commerce giants in the industry to integrate AI and automate interactive channels for communicating with the consumer.

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