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Emerging content marketing trends to look forward in 2019

By CIOReview | Monday, December 17, 2018

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain quality customers to drive profitable customer action. Doing a competitive content marketing is relevant to all organizations. The channels, tactics, tools, marketers use to create and distribute is under constant evolution. So it is important to watch out for coming trends keep up with the change.

1. Content personalization and interactivity:

Personally relevant content is a determining factor in purchasing, it brings higher consumer spending. The interactivity enables brands to differentiate them from their competitors and leads an enhanced engagements with their target audience. It also fosters trustworthiness and credibility among customers. This trend can be used by engaging in discussions with customers regarding their experience with the product. Doing this will ensure the content remaining relevant.

2. Use of chatbots and artificial intelligence:

The growing number of customers is expecting to be connected with their favorite brands. Chatbots come for help here which can quickly find the answer to the simple or complex question. Natural language processing(NLP) and machine learning have enabled vendors to create chatbots. This trend will certainly continue moving forward in future.


3. Influencer marketing:

People trust recommendations from individuals over brands. Identifying the right influencer and leveraging their authority and readership/viewership to promote the brand is what is needed. Creating a secondary marketing campaign to promote the influencer marketing will also yield in getting a larger set of customers.

4. Social media:

Social media marketing(SMM) uses social media platforms and websites to promote brands and product services. This is the most desirable platform for customer engagement.

5.More valuable video marketing:

Advanced fundamentality will be added to video marketing in the coming years which will help in increased sales. The purchase rate after watching the video is comparatively high.

5. Voice search:

There is a growing reliability in users to use vocal commands and virtual assistants. Voice search enables users to use a voice command to a faster and easier search on the internet.

All these shows that there is a growing opportunity for content marketing in the coming year.

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