Employee Recognition Program Based on Incentives and Gamification
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Employee Recognition Program Based on Incentives and Gamification

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

Incentive programs can help a company achieve departmental goals, surpass customer service level standards, foster co-worker camaraderie, and meet other organizational priorities. Depending on the landscape that you operate in and the structure or hierarchy of communication prevalent within or across your office departments, the ways to create incentive programs to enhance employee recognition can also vary. For instance, a wellness promotion encourages your employees to stay healthy and make positive lifestyle choices. Also, recognition messages can be tracked to reward the sender and/or recipient of the most recognition messages. This helps increase the frequency of interaction with the program.

Incentives using gamification can render fun-filled reward payout options. Examples comprise lottery-based promotion, spin-to-win games, and more. The choice of rewards can range from monetary gifts to vacation tickets, and more to maximize employee satisfaction and enjoyment.

Effective communication with updated content helps keep the employees informed, involved, and excited. Reminders via mail and in person are helpful to maintain the employees' interest in the initiative. Prioritizing overall employee experience by deploying games and promotions can facilitate the enhancement of company culture. Familiarity with employees' interaction with their work and multiple efforts to enhance work culture and morale is essential because employee culture has been proved to improve from authentic expressions of admiration and gratitude significantly.

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